9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

Aprons on the line by klynslis

Living in a 1950s neighborhood has its perks, like the constant stream of city workers repairing broken water mains in front of the house.

Now, this Atta Girl is not enjoying the scenery of the fine gentlemen that come to repair these pipes, rather the enjoyment that backhoes, dump trucks and other heavy equipment brings my 4- and 5-year old boys.

Last week when yet another water pipe burst due to freezing temperatures, the huge entourage of city workers and equipment that came with it brought more than 24-hours of free, pure elation to the preschoolers living here. My oldest immediately found a costume suitable to match the city workers and got to work supervising their every step. This meant of course, that mommy was outside making sure both boys did not end up in the bottom of the huge trench dug in a lengthy attempt to find the source of the broken pipes.

All housework was put on hold since the boys wanted to be outside.

While supervising the boys, I noticed some strange looks and even some elbow-pokes among the workmen.

Now, let’s be honest. I know it wasn’t about my fit body or radiant glow of a freshly made-up mommy.  I was wearing my regular ensemble of whatever was clean that day, over which I always wear an apron.

After a while, I realized the looks I was getting was specifically about the apron I was wearing – a black and white gingham apron (bought in an antique store and 100 percent authentic 1950s).   I wondered to myself, how long had it been since these guys had seen a housewife wearing an apron. Certainly, I am sure they have some stories to tell over the things they have seen, and certainly my apron was not the most shocking thing they had ever seen, but the looks I was getting told me it was certainly something new to them.

After talking over the course of the day, the foreman and I got to chatting about the fact that I was a stay-at-home mom.  The foreman, who hailed from Wales originally, told me the last lady he had seen wearing an apron was his mother and that was some 20 years prior.  He said it was nice to see again, made him feel like he was at home again.  He also asked if I had a cake baking in the oven. I told him, no, it was cookies today.  He laughed until later that afternoon, when I brought out cookies for the workers to enjoy.

I love my aprons. I wear them daily, from the time I get up until I put on pajamas. Sometimes I wear an apron over my pajamas!

I figure me in an apron in what my 50s house demands. When I put it on, I can hear the walls cheering. These walls have seen a lot of changes in their 60-year history, and I know they are happy to see the old familiars return.

Wearing an apron makes me feel good and like a domestic diva.

More than simply empowering me, an apron serves many valuable functions. Some of those functions are not always obvious to the un-apron-ed.

So, I have decided share my favorite uses and experiences that apron-wearing has taught me. Some offer good advice and others teach a valuable lesson about the world we live in!

It would be a top 10 list, but hey, who has time for that? So, here are my Top 9 Advantages of Wearing an Apron:

Photo by Playingwithbrushes

  1. An apron hides a protruding belly.  Not pregnant belly, but those few pounds of baby fat still hanging around even thought the baby is 4 now.
  2.  You never have to worry whether you forgot to pull up your zipper during your daily trip to the bathroom; the apron has you covered.
  3. Pockets can hold a variety of necessary mommy things: Kleenex, Legos, army men, pacifiers and my personal favorite, worms. Those large, deep pockets can also hid those annoying small toys that  you are going to throw away soon, but must first hide and make sure no one misses.
  4. Practically, my apron protects me from spills and while wearing it, I can always dry my hands quickly.  An apron also protects my clothes from my kids’ runny noses – they wipe on my apron and not my pants.
  5. An apron is an excellent carrier for toys.  I can move more items when it is time to tidy up.
  6. While sewing, I can use my apron as a needle cushion, and I can fit my scissors in the pocket (next to the worms).
  7. When I forget to take it off when leaving the house, an apron can help you identify women who think stay-at-home moms are some are something to snicker at, make fun of or demean in front of others. This happened recently when picking up my oldest from preschool, when a “working” mom decided it was so funny that I wore an apron and felt it appropriate to make fun of both the apron and me. Every other mom who witnessed this vowed NEVER to invite her to another play group again.
  8. My cat loves me more when I wear my apron.  He perceives it as a nice soft blanket and the second I sit down, he sits down on me.  This is nice if you need some loving from your cat, but not nice if you are trying to eat or sew or Facebook.
  9.  I think my favorite reason for wearing an apron is that even though my jeans are worn, my shirts faded and stained by painting projects with my kid, my apron is pretty and freshly ironed (or not).  It is something I can be proud of because I made it (or bought it for a bargain). While it may or may not match my Crocs, my apron says a lot about me. I am not afraid to be a mom, who stays at home all day long and enjoys what she is doing. I like to be a girl and while my job requirements demand casual attire, my apron can have lace, ribbons and fringe all over it!  I like to think my apron says, Look at me world!  I woman and hear me.…!  Yeah, just hear me.

– Atta Girl Laura

2 comments on “9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

  1. I swear I LIVE in my apron. 🙂

    Another thing to add to your list…. looping your wedding ring through the sash when doing those really mucky jobs keeps it safe. That way it won’t accidentally fall down a drain, won’t get eaten by the dog (or worse- the toddler!), and you never have that moment of panic later when you realize your ring is off and you have no idea where you left it. Because it is right there.

    • That is such a great idea! How many times have I taken off my rings to do some messy job in the kitchen, only to find myself in a panic later when I’m trying to find them again.

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