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Sweet Gum Ball Wreath Tutorial

The Atta Girls have lots of craft friends. On occasion, we will ask one of them to share their handiwork with you.

Here’s a post from our friend, Amanda, who is quite the whiz at making wreaths.

“If you’re from the South or have ever visited the South, there’s a chance you’ve seen little, brown, spiky balls with stems lying on the ground.

They are known by many names,  but I call them gum balls or sweet gum balls.

While visiting, my mother mentioned I need to find a craft that involved using all the gum balls that were lying over my entire backyard. I find this tutorial from Bee Interiors via the amazing Google and off to crafting I went.

Here’s what I made:

Items you’ll need:

  • a lot of gum balls
  • clippers to cut stems
  • glue gun with a lot of glue sticks
  • a wreath form
  • burlap, ribbon or fabric to make a hanger

Sorry, I did not take pictures of the first few step… I was too busy gathering up gum balls, chasing my boys and pricking my fingers.

  1. Gather up a lot of gum balls. The boys and I filled an old grocery bag.
  2. Clip off all the stems. I sat down in front of the TV and watched Live With Kelly when Josh Groban was the co-host, and I was in clipping heaven.
  3. Bake the gum balls in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. This is to make sure there isn’t anything living in the holes.
  4. Cut material into strips and wrap it around the form.  (I used a straw wreath form, but a foam one would probably work, too.) I used black burlap since I had it leftover from another project. I suggest you use a dark color since it might show between the spaces of the gum balls.
  5. Dab hot glue on the form and placed the ball on top of it. Continue this process until the form is completely covered — dozens of gum balls later.
  6. Make a hanger using burlap, ribbon or fabric. I tied the brown burlap around the wreath to make a rustic hanger.

I’m very pleased at how easy, inexpensive yet classy this project turned out (IMHO).

I’m absolutely tickled about how I was able to reuse something from nature, created by God, to hang in my house!!  It makes me want to pat myself of the back and say ATTA GIRL! 😉

— Amanda

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One comment on “Sweet Gum Ball Wreath Tutorial

  1. I so LOVE this!!!

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