Atta Girl Amy’s Homemade Easter Decor

I’ve been slowly putting out my Easter decor, and I thought I’d show you some of the handmade touches I’m incorporating into my holiday decorating.

apothecary jars

These apothecary jars, inspired by Uncommon Designs and Shanty 2 Chic, are one of my favorite holiday decorations because they’re quick-change artists. Switch out the bows, hang some letters from them or add a vinyl decal, and you have a completely new look. Can you believe this originally started out as ugly candlesticks from Goodwill?

For example, here’s what my jars looked like for Valentine’s Day:

For these, I just cut out some heart-shaped vinyl decals using my Silhouette Cameo and filled them with candy. (Here’s a tip, put a juice glass in the middle of each jar and pour the candy around it. You’ll need much less to fill the jars.)

Speaking of candy, I’ve been inspired to decorate with it lately.

Peter Rabbit is a chocolate bunny purchased at Target. He’s sitting on a bed of green grass, and there are speckled eggs hidden throughout it. I though the faded Beatriix Potter book, which I used in my son’s nursery when he was a baby, was a nice vintage touch.

I also used candy in the Easter apothecary jar. Did you spot the Dove white chocolate bunny nestled in the middle jar atop the pink grass?

You’ve seen my decorated Easter jars already, but I wanted to show you them again in this post, in case you missed them.

 I used candy in this vignette, too. Did you spot it? Those are chocolate speckled eggs under the small cloche. I can report that there are fewer eggs now than when his photo was originally taken. Someone around the age of 5 has been sneaking eggs, but I catch him every time because the eggs go everywhere when he lifts the cloche.

Here’s a little “floral” arrangement I made using a metal bucket, some glittery foam Easter egg picks and some grass, all from the Dollar Store.

Speaking of the Dollar Store, I made this wreath using mostly Dollar Store supplies, with the exception of the ribbon and the spray paint.

I spray painted a grapevine wreath bubblegum pink. When it was dry, I worked in strands of raffia and two different garlands, which I picked up years ago at the after-Easter clearance sale at Target, if memory serves. I embellished the wreath further with foam easter eggs and glittery butterflies from the Dollar Store. I added a simple bow made from some antique silk ribbon I purchased at the Country Living Fair last year. I created a simple loop hanger from some velvet ribbon, purchased at the Anthropologie after-Christmas clearance sale.

I’m still decorating and crafting for Easter, so I’ll be adding lots of photos and tutorials. Atta Girl Laura will also be posting about how she’s sprucing up her home for the Easter bunny’s visit.

— Atta Girl Amy

2 comments on “Atta Girl Amy’s Homemade Easter Decor

  1. Thank you so much. Yours were a great inspiration. And I’ve had so much fun decorating with these jars. One of my favorite crafts ever.

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