Crafty, sassy, irreverent and just a little bit frazzled, Atta Girl is the alter ego of two modern mommies living in North Carolina.

Atta Girl loves modern conveniences — she’d be lost without her smartphone, the dishwasher, boxed wine and the pizza delivery boy — but she  appreciates the handmade, homemade and old-fashioned.  She’s a cook, a crafter and a consummate dabbler in all things domestic. Atta Girl does the June Cleaver bit — and then some — but without the high heels and pearls.

Among them, the real-life Atta Girls have five young sons who play well with each other until someone picks up a stick. Or pees on his brother. Or poops underneath the slide. Then, all bets are off.

Atta Girl Amy is a “recovering” journalist who earns her living writing business books and dispensing propaganda for her PR clients. She forces her 5-year-old to watch home decorating shows and has co-opted the family’s garage for painting, glittering and other creative projects. She enjoys cooking, paper crafting, furniture rehab and entertaining. Currently, Amy is undergoing extensive retail therapy to regain her sanity.

Atta Girl Laura is a Catholic (reform) school graduate from California, but that’s the only thing left-coast about her. She’s a former teacher who now has two teacher’s pets in her homeschool classroom. (The family cat, Binka, helps with anatomy lessons by performing daily dissections of suburban wildlife.) Laura is a salty-mouthed seamstress, gardener and cook who enjoys homekeeping the old fashioned way.

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