Every mother is guilty…

I was at a gathering with some other moms and everyone was talking about visiting magnet schools and trying to figure out where they’d enroll their little ones for kindergarten. And I felt less than. Because I wasn’t planning to “investigate” any of our county’s magnet schools. Or charter schools. With some discussion — but […]

9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

Living in a 1950s neighborhood has its perks, like the constant stream of city workers repairing broken water mains in front of the house. Now, this Atta Girl is not enjoying the scenery of the fine gentlemen that come to repair these pipes, rather the enjoyment that backhoes, dump trucks and other heavy equipment brings […]

Gag orders, gossip and toking

Being a parent can sometimes feel like you’re living under a gag order. These days, it feels like I can never say what I want to say. Because someone is always listening. Even when I think he shouldn’t be. Like when he’s engrossed in a TV show or video game or playing in the next […]