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Creamy Onion Chicken with Mashed Potatoes

Here’s what’s for dinner tonight. A basic, home-cooked meal using that staple in the pantry of every 1950’s housewife — condensed soup. A discussion on the Campbell’s Soups Facebook page gave me the idea of mixing the two flavors used in this recipe. Creamy Onion Chicken with Mashed Potatoes 1 can Cream of Onion Soup 1 […]

9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

9 Reasons to Wear an Apron

Living in a 1950s neighborhood has its perks, like the constant stream of city workers repairing broken water mains in front of the house. Now, this Atta Girl is not enjoying the scenery of the fine gentlemen that come to repair these pipes, rather the enjoyment that backhoes, dump trucks and other heavy equipment brings […]

Meet Atta Girl!

Welcome to Atta Girl Says, the new online lifestyle magazine for women of a certain age who share our passion for living homemade. Crafty, sassy, irreverent and just a little bit frazzled, Atta Girl is the alter ego of three modern mommies living in North Carolina. Atta Girl loves modern conveniences — she’d be lost […]